What are Check Holders for Restaurants? Do you Really Need One?

What are Check Holders for Restaurants? Do you Really Need One?

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If you’re thinking about getting your hands on check holders, but you’re not sure whether they’re worth it, then you’ve come to the right place! Here, we’ll talk all about why check holders are useful, how they can help your business, and even provide you with some of the most popular options out there! So go ahead and take a look!

What are they?

You might have never heard of check folder or check presenters for restaurants, but they’re a common fixture in some high-end restaurants. Check presenters are similar to a tray or stand used to serve food at restaurant tables, but instead of carrying food and beverages on them, it holds individual checks and silverware. Check presenters come in many shapes and sizes and can be purchased from any number of online retailers; be sure to do your research before buying.

How they got popular

The history of check presenters is fascinating to look at how restaurant technology has evolved over time. Before their invention, people had to pass their checks directly to servers; in addition to making dining a bit awkward, it also meant that servers would have dozens or even hundreds of checks jostling around in their pockets. 

Eventually, restaurants and bars began using clipboards or plastic sleeves to carry multiple checks at once; while they made things easier on servers, they were still prone to spilling if not stored properly. Check presenters for restaurants solves these problems by allowing diners to keep their checks together without having to worry about them falling out or getting damaged by spills. 

Today, check presenters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all serve essentially the same purpose: keeping your check safe during transit so you can enjoy your meal without worrying about losing any important documents. 

Check presenters aren’t just used in restaurants, either—they’re often used by corporations who give dinner presentations to potential clients as well. If you’re interested in finding out more about check presenters, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

How to use it right

Check Presenters Restaurant Supplies offers a variety of check presenters designed to make your restaurant more efficient. Each holder attaches directly to your table so that your server or bartender can easily deliver checks, credit cards, and money without any hassle. 

How can these holders benefit your business?

To learn more about what these holders can do for your business and  here are 5 Benefits of Check Holders for Restaurants: 

1) Increased speed

As anyone who has waited around for their check knows, there is nothing worse than waiting around while someone gets their purse out to pay their bill. If you have check presenters on each table, however, your wait times will be significantly reduced because checks can be returned faster.

2) Improved service quality

Check presenters help eliminate confusion over checks and payment methods, which means that your customers will receive better service overall. Your servers won’t have to ask if customers want separate checks or whether they want to use a credit card; instead, they can simply hand them their check as soon as it comes out of the printer. 

3) Enhanced security measures

Check presenters also provide an extra layer of protection against theft and fraud. Because checks are not placed at risk during delivery, your staff can keep an eye on them at all times—which helps ensure that no one takes advantage of your business by stealing credit cards or checks.

4) Lower costs

Check presenters may seem like a small investment now, but they actually represent significant savings down the road. For example, check presenters allow your servers to spend less time collecting checks and paying bills—which means they don’t have to take time away from helping customers with other tasks. In addition, check presenters reduce waste by allowing you to avoid printing duplicate checks (or even using paper checks at all). 

5) Easier bookkeeping

Check holders for restaurants also help streamline your bookkeeping process. By eliminating check duplicates, you can cut back on expenses associated with processing checks manually. Check presenters also make it easier to track payments, which allows you to see exactly where your business stands financially at any given moment. 

Where to buy check holders and presenters?

If you want to buy check holders made from high-quality wood and leather then marqueemenus.com is where you can get them. With marqueemenus.com check presenters, your customers can easily access their checks without disrupting other guests or taking up any additional space. And as an added bonus you can get customized check presenters for your restaurant. So hurry up and order now!

main photo: unsplash.com/Austin Distel

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