What lighting to choose for the office?
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What lighting to choose for the office?

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Every employer is required to provide adequate lighting for the office. Proper lighting of the workplace affects safety, visual performance, and improves employee productivity. Outdoor lighting is also important – ensure optimal visibility for pedestrians and drivers in the company parking lot. Read the article and find out how to choose the right lamps.

Interior lighting

In the workplace it is worth using modern lighting systems that will allow you to function comfortably during the day and after dark. An interesting solution that can replace archaic louver technology are LED systems. They include, among others lED panelsthey stand out because of their elegance and energy efficiency. It is worth betting on minimalist lamps, which will fit into any space and whose production was guided primarily by functionality

Led coffers, due to the lightness and strength, can be used as a complement to the modular ceilings, will also work well for ceilings suspended with gypsum boards. On the market there are standard models, as well as waterproof and emitting a softer light. For complete comfort at work it is good to choose a neutral light color temperature, closest to natural – this will avoid eye strain

Workplace lighting

In addition to the main lighting, you should also take care of local lighting, depending on the specifics of your work. It is best if the workstation combines natural and artificial lighting. Office work involves many hours a day spent concentrating on documents, at the computer or other activities requiring an additional source of light. It is worth knowing that the lack of light is listed among the group of harmful and dangerous factors occurring in the work process

When organizing an office workstation, an employer is obliged to provide employees with lighting with an intensity of min. 500 lux. The workstation with a monitor should be illuminated using, for example, desk or standing lamps. The following are also suitable for both open space and offices ceiling tubes. This form of lighting fixtures is becoming more and more popular due to movable heads, which allow any direction of light emitted by them.

Outdoor lighting

When choosing outdoor lighting, the first thing to consider is the aspect of energy efficiency. Many companies operate in shifts, so parking lots and access streets must be lit around the clock for safety reasons. The intensive use of electricity results in high costs and is harmful to the environment. Therefore, it is worth investing in modern technological solutions, such as intelligent lighting and LED technology

In public spaces, the following will work well led street lampsthey are equipped with bulbs much more durable than the standard ones, thanks to which not only less energy is consumed, but also less waste is generated. It is also worth considering solar lamps, whose operation is based on photovoltaic technology, allowing the conversion of solar energy into electricity. Lighting solutions of this type are more friendly to your wallet and the environment.

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