Home staging. Where to start and how to make money from it?
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Home staging. Where to start and how to make money from it?

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Home staging is an increasingly popular method of increasing the attractiveness of a property for sale or rent. It is also a willingly undertaken activity as part of one’s own business. Where to start this venture and how can you make money from it? Here are some important tips.

You don’t need to have a degree in interior design to engage in home staging. If you have a keen sense of aesthetics and a few renovations or arrangements behind you, and know that you are capable of undertaking interior decorating in other people’s properties as well, then you have a chance to prove yourself as a home stager. See where to start this adventure.

College, a course, your own experience?

As mentioned above, formal education is not required to engage in home staging. Of course, it will be a huge asset, but it is not essential. If you have had the opportunity to prove yourself in interior design and renovation, and you trust your skills and sense of aesthetics, then self-gained experience may be sufficient. However, if you prefer to back it up with knowledge, you can enroll in special courses to prepare for the role of a home stager.

Social media presence

A potential client needs to see why your services are worth using. Therefore, the first thing a future home stager should prepare is a portfolio of completed projects. The easiest way to do this is through social media – then you don’t have to invest in buying a website domain. You can also set up a blog, but nowadays social media provides many more opportunities to reach potential customers and self-advertise.


When you can boast of more finalized work, then it is worth betting on your own website – this will add a professional touch to your business. Having a website presenting your services and completed projects, you will be able to send offer proposals to potential clients with more confidence.

Work with real estate offices

Once you have a proven track record, i.e. you have a portfolio in the form of completed projects to boast about, whether on your website or social media, then you can start making offers.

One way to get clients is to work with real estate offices. You can go to such places in person and offer your services, presenting selected completed projects. Another method is to send your offer online, for example, by responding to specific ads on the Internet, issued by real estate offices.

After a successful cooperation, it is possible that the office in question will be interested in continuing it and using your services on a regular basis.

Sending offers to individuals

Sending your offer to private individuals advertising premises for sale or rent on the Internet is also a good way to find clients. As you browse through the ads, you may notice which premises have potential, but their presentation leaves much to be desired. The more you are able to offer, the more you can earn. Already “cosmetic” improvements in some interiors will make a big difference. However, if you are able to carry out minor renovations and refresh the premises, then you can expect more profit and offer a wider range of services to customers.

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