How to prepare a property for sale?
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How to prepare a property for sale?

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The current situation is affecting many economic sectors. In the case of the real estate market, we are also observing changes. Many apartments, intended for short-term rent, now stand empty and their owners are forced to sell them. See how best to prepare a property for sale in the current situation.

Every owner who has put up a property for sale is anxious about a smooth and quick transaction. Selling real estate is like getting to know another person, it is the first impression that counts. Researchers say that within the first 11 seconds, a potential buyer makes a yes or no decision, so it is worth preparing well for the sale.

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Good to know

Every real estate should have a Land and Mortgage Register (KW). What is a register? In the simplest terms it is a document describing the legal status of the property, in which you can find such information as: the owner’s data, property address along with its area and purpose as well as information about mortgages on the property. Before concluding a preliminary agreement or later a purchase agreement, you should check the land and mortgage register of the property. The presence in the Land and Mortgage Register gives certainty to both the seller and the buyer. The owner of the property can rest assured about his credibility and the buyer will be confident about the purchase of a particular property

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Land and mortgage registers online

Nowadays, the fastest way to check the Land and Mortgage Register of a property you are interested in is online, on the website This is an electronic register of land and mortgage registers updated on a regular basis. Searching in this register is extremely easy. In order to search for a real estate we only need a ledger number, which we type into the online Land and Mortgage Register search engine. This will give us all the information about the property we want to buy. The advantage of such a virtual register is that you can check the land register at any time to make sure that in the meantime the legal status of the property or apartment has not changed.

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The most important first impression

If the property we are offering for sale has an established legal position, we can easily move on to other activities, such as visual preparation of the property for sale. Home Standing, i.e. professional preparation and arrangement of an apartment or house for sale, is becoming more and more popular in Poland. It translates into considerable profit and shorter transaction time. A few small modernization procedures, such as changing the color of the walls or atmospheric arrangement of stuccowork will certainly affect the favorable sale of the property. Painting over dirty walls or a new fashionable color will make the property look much better. Where to start? First of all, get yourself some good painting tools. In order to do that, you should choose articles made of solid materials and from reliable places. Thanks to this we will be sure about their durability and they will serve us for longer than one renovation. Before starting work, it is worth buying professional painting equipment: trays, buckets, brushes, rollers of different sizes and telescopic poles. Moreover, one-stop shopping at a good store will save you money on additional shipping

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How about a virtual tour of the property?

The pandemic has changed the real estate market. These changes have also affected the form of selling or renting commercial premises and apartments. Many issues and formalities can now be handled remotely, using the available online solutions. But how to present a property from a distance and how to present a great location to potential buyers? The solution comes from DRONE X VISION, which offers virtual tours of Warsaw. A virtual tour of the property a buyer is interested in is a great solution when buying or selling a property from a distance. Walks created from panoramas taken from the ground as well as those that include panoramas taken from a drone perfectly illustrate the location of the property. Moreover, comfortable and intuitive interface as well as possibility to move to next panorama directly from the photo will smoothly guide the person interested in purchasing the real estate

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It is worth to know that a virtual tour can be prepared for a particular property and additionally, on client’s request, it can be equipped with an original menu, music making the viewing more pleasant, photos and films and also an animated intro. A virtual tour of the property prepared in such a way will certainly translate into a quick sale in case of a buyer from another city or abroad.

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