Buying a house in the countryside. Advantages and disadvantages
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Buying a house in the countryside. Advantages and disadvantages

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Many people dream of having a house in the countryside. Undoubtedly, living away from the hustle and bustle of the city has its advantages, but you must also remember about the disadvantages of this choice

A house in the countryside is a dream of many people. We often imagine life in such a place as an idyll, but it is not always so. When considering buying a property outside the city, we need to consider all the pros and cons

Country house advantages

Let’s start with the advantages of a house in the countryside. First of all, living in such a place, we can usually enjoy access to greenery and fresh air, beautiful, idyllic landscapes or the ability to buy regional and healthy products straight from the farmers. In such a place time definitely goes slower. The countryside is also a perfect place for people who like to live in small communities. A house in the countryside is an opportunity to establish close relations between neighbours, which are difficult in the city. Here, people are more likely to spend their free time together, pursue common passions and selflessly help each other.

A great advantage of real estate in the countryside is certainly a lower price. This applies not only to the real estate itself, but also to a plot of land. Thanks to this we can often afford a bigger house and a bigger plot of land, which we could only dream about in a city. Besides, there is no denying that country houses have their own magic atmosphere which is difficult to describe in words

Garden lovers will surely find themselves in the countryside and they will always have something to do here – weeding beds, planting flowers or vegetables, raking leaves. If someone relaxes while doing this kind of work, living outside the city will be a hit. However, if this is not the case, a house in the countryside is unlikely to work in this case.

Disadvantages of a house outside the city

When buying a house in the country, we often choose a property from the secondary market. Many times these are older buildings. Therefore, before buying it is worthwhile to take advice from a professional who will assess the quality of the property and suggest what needs to be replaced and renovated. Many times in such homes are necessary to: replacement of electrical systems, laying new pipes, roof or strengthen the foundations. Remember that this can often be very expensive or even unprofitable. Therefore, the final bargain price may not be a bargain at all. So it is worth asking an expert to assess how much we really need to invest in the house before we move in.

The daily commute to work can also be burdensome, especially if the village is located several dozen kilometers from an urban agglomeration. In winter the roads may be so snowy that it may even be impossible to get there. There may also be a problem with the store. While nowadays we can find a small store in almost every village, we should remember that many products will not be available there

A large garden, which usually surrounds a village house, can be not only an advantage, but also a disadvantage. Especially in the case of people who do not have time to take care of it and nurture it. And a neglected yard will not look its best

You need to keep in mind that access to some utilities in the countryside may be difficult. Therefore, when buying a house, you need to think about, among other things, heating (usually a wood or coal stove) and a septic tank. A stove is a considerable expense, moreover, constant adding to it and firing it up can be quite troublesome. The septic tank has to be constantly monitored and regularly removed. It must also be properly secured. There is a possibility of building a household sewage treatment plant, however it is not a cheap investment (although much less burdensome than a septic tank)

There are also problems with water supply. Sometimes it is necessary to dig a deep well. All this is connected with additional costs and difficulties in everyday functioning

The costs of maintaining a house in the country are also higher. This is connected, among others, with the distance. Even called plumber or electrician will add us the cost of travel to perform the service.

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