How to illuminate industrial interiors?
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How to illuminate industrial interiors?

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Industrial rooms are extremely stylish and original. With properly selected accessories you can create an interesting and bold space. Lighting plays an important role in such decor. We suggest how to choose it best

What are the characteristics of industrial style?

Industrial style is very characteristic and easy to recognize in interiors, if you know its basic principles. One of its distinguishing features is raw finish. There are elements, made of materials such as bricks, concrete, glass, stone or metal. Cool shades dominate in industrial rooms. On the floor, wood is often used, which is stylized to look aged. When it comes to furniture, original and bold models are used. Various pipes and cables are uncovered to give the interiors an interesting atmosphere. This is not a style that is for everyone, but it is very popular because it allows for freedom and experimentation with decor

At the very beginning industrial style appeared in large spaces, especially in residential buildings, created in old factories and warehouses. Then mainly dominated open rooms, which did not have a clear division into kitchen or bedroom. Now this style can be found even in smaller apartments. Sometimes a few elements, such as appropriate lighting, are enough to change the face of the interior

Original hanging lamps

Lamps hanging on the ceiling can be an interesting decoration. They very often refer to those which were in old halls. Many popular models also have visible bulbs and simple construction. They are often made of metal or glass. Their design often refers to geometric structures. Most often they are available in black, steel and copper tones. Some people also decide on gold elements. If you want to make the interior seem cozier, invest in bulbs that give off a warm light.

If the room is large and high, you can get long hanging lamps. They give an interesting effect if their parts are hung asymmetrically, at different lengths. On such chandeliers there are also wooden elements, for example, in the form of a beam, on which bulbs are hung. For this type of room will also be perfect for ceiling tubes. Then they will give a slightly more minimalist effect, but they will still be perfectly suitable. A modern look is provided by lamps, resembling metal cages and inverted bowls

Industrial wall lamps

Wall lamps are elements that will be very useful in industrial rooms. They look good on raw, brick walls. They can be an interesting complement to ceiling lamps. You can take some inspiration from them, choosing ones in similar style. Then they will create a coherent and thoughtful character. If you want to get an original arrangement, bet on distinctive wall lamps

Often chosen option are lamps on the wall, which refer to the style of vintage. They do not have too many ornaments, their characteristic is a simple, but strong form. An interesting solution is a special wall lamp, which looks like a spotlight. Practical are such lamps, which have a long, adjustable arm. Such a solution allows you to adjust the light to your current needs. For your industrial apartment or house you can also choose wall lamps without a lampshade. Then they are finished only with a small bulb, which creates an interesting effect. These types of lamps are a brilliant idea to enliven the interior and create a unique climate.

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