Apartment in a tenement house – inspirations and design ideas
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Apartment in a tenement house – inspirations and design ideas

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Classics with soul – this is what apartments in tenement houses are like. They offer endless possibilities in terms of interior design, they are unique and original. Both vintage and modern style will work perfectly in them. So how to arrange an apartment located in an old tenement?

What to consider?

If you want to decorate an apartment in a tenement, there are several things you should pay special attention to. First of all, old buildings are often characterized by thin walls, which makes it difficult to mount shelves, paintings or larger wall decorations. Therefore, before starting the arrangement, it is advisable to reinforce the walls with a retaining wall or to use a fixing tape to hang heavier objects, rather than a classic nail. The plan of room arrangement may also turn out to be a challenge. Unfavorably cut sides of walls and recesses may make it difficult to place furniture.

What style should I choose for an apartment in a tenement?

For the arrangement of the apartment, it is worth choosing a specific style, so that all the furniture and decorations are consistent and harmonious with each other. So what decorating styles will be the best and most effective?


A typical vintage style will work great in townhouses. Use parquet floors, high ceilings and stucco, and choose the right furniture to give the interior soul and character. If you are creative, you can buy furniture at an antique market and renovate it. However, if you do not enjoy such activities, you can also find a lot of new furniture on the market, stylized as old. However, it is important to avoid literalism and keep a distance when choosing furniture – after all, it is not about creating a museum in your apartment.


This is a Japanese style based on Buddhism and Zen philosophy, which will perfectly suit an apartment located in a tenement. It is based on minimalism and focuses only on basic elements of interior design. This style focuses on quality over quantity and is a true synonym of “less is more” principle. If you want to decorate the interior in this style, then be sure to choose patinated furniture. It will allow you to enjoy free space and high ceilings, as well as give you space to think and create.

Retro chic

The retro chic style is perfect for old-style interior design, because it perfectly emphasizes the aesthetics of past decades. With modern forms and bright colors, it is a sophisticated contrast to the classic old building. It brings to mind the American restaurants of the 50’s. It is somewhat similar to the classic vintage style, but is a bit livelier, and in contrast to the classic fond of dark and subdued colors uses a rich color palette. In the climate of retro style are also great decorations in the style of pop-art or old posters.

Scandinavian style

This style is currently very popular. Not without reason, because it is impossible not to fall in love with its simplicity. It focuses on minimalist design, bright colors and natural materials. This style is quite universal, but especially suitable for arranging an apartment in an old tenement house. It is unobtrusive and discreet, so the interior in the Scandinavian style will give you plenty of opportunities to accentuate high ceilings, elaborate stucco and distinctive parquet flooring

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