ABC of caring for air conditioning in the office
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ABC of caring for air conditioning in the office

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You must remember that as an employer, you should take special care of your air conditioning. This is a very important issue that affects, among other things, the health of you and your employees. Read on and find out how it should be properly maintained

Why should you choose air conditioning?

First of all, working in air-conditioned rooms is simply better. It improves efficiency on hot days and allows you to concentrate better. It is slowly becoming a standard in modern offices. This is very good news. Some of these devices also allow you to maintain optimal humidity. If they have a purifying function, they get rid of all dangerous microorganisms, dust mites and dust

In case you take good care of your air conditioner, it can affect your health in a positive way. In case you do not know how to choose the right equipment for your office, contact professionals. They will choose a decent quality device, so that it will last for a long time and will not require frequent servicing. You will also learn from them how to do the entire installation, spending money that will fit your budget

Set the right temperature

The indoor temperature should be adjusted according to the type of work you do and the time of the year. You need to be careful that it is not too high, especially in the summer. Also, don’t forget that it is very easy to catch a cold when the temperature is too low. Keep this in mind mainly on warmer days, because when entering the office from outside, any of your employees might get sick. Some recommend keeping it no lower than 21 degrees. It’s a good idea to set a constant temperature in your workplace so your body can get used to it. If it jumps too often, it can affect your health and your functioning during the day. This device is designed to help you first and foremost, so adjust the cooling level as much as possible. Also, avoid having the air supply directly facing people who are working

Maintain your air conditioning system

You also need to perform maintenance and service checks on such equipment. Air conditioning disinfection, such as ozone treatment, will also come in handy. This allows you to thoroughly remove unpleasant odors. Additionally, you will need professional air conditioning maintenance products. They will make it not require such frequent cleaning. The frequency of this procedure depends on various factors, such as the type of device and its susceptibility to any contamination. For the office, it is also a good idea to purchase products for the indoor units. This is a modern solution when it comes to air conditioning. Thanks to it, you can take care of the condition of the air conditioner yourself and you don’t have to call a team of professionals right away. We also recommend you to buy products for outdoor units

Remember to clean your air conditioner regularly

In order for everyone in the office to breathe fresh air, you need to systematically clean the entire installation. It is best to entrust this task to professionals. They have the right qualifications and special equipment. If the air conditioner is dirty, it will unfortunately become an ideal environment for the development of viruses and microorganisms. In order to take best care of the comfort of all your employees, you should also regularly de-fumigate it. This is an important issue, especially if there are allergy sufferers in your team. When the air conditioning contains special filters, you can clean them yourself, in case you have access to them. Then do it regularly every month or two.

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