How to choose a house design well
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How to choose a house design well

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Whether you want to build a new property or are looking for a plan to help modernize an old one, you should prepare well for choosing a design. Here are some helpful tips!

Where to start

To begin with, it’s a good idea to simply find a free moment, sit down and make a list of preferences for your dream home. Write down on a piece of paper all the necessary furnishings, determine the layout of the rooms and estimate their size. It will also be a good idea to check current style trends. Think about which one suits your taste best.

Also find out what solutions are best in terms of heating your home. Economy should go hand in hand with ecology. It is also worth checking what subsidies you will be able to take advantage of. For example, programs to co-finance the purchase and installation of heat pumps or photovoltaic panels are popular. To better visualize your dream home, you can use popular real estate project search engines.

Technical issues

Preliminary planning is the most pleasant and least complicated phase of building a house and choosing the right project. The next steps are related to the technical side. To decide on the right plan, you also need to collect information such as an analysis of the local plan or development conditions, the dimensions of the plot and the possibility of locating the house on the plot in accordance with the Construction Law. Complete all the detailed information by specifying your own requirements for the functionality and final shape of the body of your dream house.

What rooms should a good house plan include?

When we think of a functional house, the first rooms that come to mind are the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. However, adequate living conditions are also provided by other elements of the property’s interior.

Where to locate the boiler room?

The first is the boiler room. It should be located away from the utility rooms where you are most often in. Even relatively quiet heat pumps can generate noise and vibrations that interfere with standard home use. It is also worth considering where the utility rooms are to be located. It is necessary to have easy access to them, and they can be located, for example, next to the boiler room – residents can more quickly find the necessary tools or efficiently access fuel for fuel.

The best place for a pantry and dressing room

There are also rooms such as a pantry or a dressing room. In the first case, you can consider locating the space in the basement. Due to the lower temperature and lack of light, food products will keep their shelf life longer and there will be no risk of them being attacked by animals or insects. In turn, the best place for a closet will be the bedroom. Such a location provides easy access to clothes and the intimacy necessary for comfortable dressing.

What kind of roof to choose?

An important issue when choosing a house design is the decision related to the type of roof. The most common options are two – gabled and multi-gabled. Due to lower construction costs associated with an uncomplicated layout, the former is recommended. A multi-pitched roof may look more attractive, but it does not provide such a large and functional attic space. Numerous kinks and irregular shape of the walls can hinder practical development of rooms and utility rooms. 

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