Solar roof. The future of construction
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Solar roof. The future of construction

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Using solar energy is an economical and environmentally friendly solution, which is why many people choose to use it. What improvement in this process is guaranteed by the solar roof?

A few months ago the first fully photovoltaic roof in Poland was installed. It was manufactured by a Swedish company SunRoof Technology, which is owned by a Polish entrepreneur Lech Kaniuk. The company started producing the first solar roofs already in 2013, and for several years its solutions have been successively implemented in Poland. They are certified by the Swedish institute RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden). In turn, “our” first SunRoof is located in Lodz (just like one of the company’s branches), and the appearance is deceptively similar to flat roof tiles, which makes it blend in with the mass of the building much better than panels.

Because of this, it is much more aesthetically pleasing and will look good regardless of the style in which the house is designed. The total area of the Łódź SunRoof is 218m2 and it is able to produce 19000 kWh of electricity per year, which in turn means saving up to 15 000 PLN. The photovoltaic installation used so far is unlikely to exceed this amount. It is also possible to generate more electricity than you need, in which case you can sell it and shorten the payback time.

SunRoof uses high quality materials in the production process, including monocrystalline silicon modules, which are made using an innovative glass-glass method. Nanostructure of the modules contributes to keeping the cells clean and allows the snow to slide off freely. Work is underway to develop a de-icing system to be responsible for de-icing the roof during winter

The company guarantees: 30 years of performance for all its photovoltaic roofs, 10 years of durability, and a return on investment of 5-7 years. It is worth remembering that it is possible to get a subsidy for the construction of such a roof, thus reducing the cost again.

The solar roof is – contrary to what you might think – easier to install, because you immediately put on the whole, rather than in parts as with individual panels. So it also takes much less time – from as little as 3 days to 3 weeks for more complicated constructions. A multi-pitch roof is no obstacle. Installing a solar roof is also cheaper than installing the roof and PV panels separately. Another advantage is its functionality: it protects the building, insulates it additionally and provides ventilation, which probably also contributes to lowering other bills

The electricity it produces makes it possible to use all electrical appliances, heat the house, and also… charge an electric car. The photovoltaic roof also provides a high level of soundproofing during hail or heavy rain. It is guaranteed by a layer of insulation in the roof slope, which mutes the sounds and does not transmit them to the interior of the house. The advantages are many, but the shorthand for this is the two-in-one roof.

Parallel to the SunRoof roofs, the SunRoof Energy app was designed. It allows for monitoring of generation and consumption of electricity and using it to power electric cars

Such a photovoltaic roof is characterized by extremely low carbon dioxide emissions and completely biodegradable construction. This is a significant step towards the transition to renewable energy sources, as the owner of SunRoof Technology emphasizes.

Kaniuk’s SunRoof is often compared to Tesla’s SolarRoof. The company from Sweden declares that – by using monocrystalline cells instead of photovoltaic film – its roof tiles are more efficient and environmentally friendly. Additionally, it has already put its roof tiles into production and is working with numerous developers, something Tesla still hasn’t managed to do.

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