Ten Commercial Building Features That Attract Corporate Tenants
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Ten Commercial Building Features That Attract Corporate Tenants

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As soon as a vacancy emerges in a real estate property, you intend to lure tenants into considering your place. This isn’t easy as it seems on the surface. Instead, it takes a proper marketing plan and deep knowledge of the market as well as your asset. You need to think from a tenants’ perspective, what do they want, and how we can enhance their experience. 

Fret no further. For we have brought you a list of things, you need to consider while attracting Commercial Real Estate Tenants. 

10 Sharp features that tenants look for when choosing a property

Work on the following ten things, and you can attract a high number of tenants. 

  1. Location

In commercial real estate investment, location is a critical factor. A good location of the property will entice more tenants, where owners enjoy an upper hand and can charge higher rents. 

  1. Gyms & Fitness Centers

Employee wellness is focused a lot today by the companies. This encourages employees, too, to keep themselves mentally and physically fit. Therefore, having gyms, fitness centers, yoga classes, etc., in the building will help the tenants keep their life in balance. 

  1. Transportation & Parking

Parking in a nearby area or underground parking in the building will be a great pro that will act as a tenant magnet for you. You can also consider multiple commuting options, which will also emerge as a huge selling point. 

  1. Smart Offices

Whether it is an employee or a business, everyone is handling their roles and responsibilities online. With the unprecedented reliance of businesses and employees on technology, considering integrating tech-savvy offices would never fail you in getting tenants. 

  1. Welcoming Lobby Area

Just by noticing the lobby, a prospective tenant will decide whether or not to choose a particular building. So, put your deserving efforts into creating a modern and aesthetic lobby that leaves them impressed. 

  1. Security Regime

No one likes to compromise when it comes to the security of a place. The place must have cameras, key-card access, an alarm system, visitor registration, and other features to ensure everyone’s safety. The more secure a place is, the more tenants it will attract. 

  1. Recreational Outdoors

Employees and business owners need some break from the monotonous routine. And for a break, they typically will prefer to go to a relaxing outdoor area. Try incorporating gardens, atriums, rooftop decks, etc., in your property and see how people come to ask for a space. 

  1. Natural Lighting Availability

Natural lighting is known to boost the productivity and morale of the employees, and further, it brightens the atmosphere. This is why tenants today scrounge for residences with skylights and big windows. Good lighting in your commercial building will definitely flatter the prospective tenants.

  1. LEED Certification

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design which aims to inspect the environment-friendliness of a building and encourage transformation to eco-friendly and organic designs. A building that owns LEED certification is able to lower utility bills and is energy efficient. So, adjustments should be made to tick all the boxes needed for this certification. 

  1. Child Care Centers

On-site child care centers are sought by most business owners. Especially employees who have children will appreciate and prefer the place for the convenience and peace of mind it promises to them. 

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