Refresh your child’s room

Refresh your child’s room

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A general overhaul in a child’s room is not always necessary. Sometimes it is enough to take care of the original additions to give the room a fresh and unusual character. So if you are facing a challenge, which is the metamorphosis of the child’s room – stay with us. We will tell you how to refresh the baby’s room without worrying about high costs.

Children’s room metamorphosis – remember this

Contrary to appearances, the arrangement of a children’s room can be easy and pleasant, and thus not always associated with very high costs. On the contrary! Painting a wall in a new color or putting on a wall mural will instantly refresh the children’s room, giving it an amazing atmosphere. However, before you decide on a particular solution, it is worth talking to your child about his preferences. The new room should not only be conducive to daily learning and entertainment, but also respond to his basic needs. If the toddler loves superheroes, and sports run in his blood – make sure that in the changed interior there will be accents referring to his interests. It is important that your child can decide on the room. Then the interior will become a real oasis, and spending time in it will become your child’s favorite activity. So how to refresh your child’s room?

A new color on the wall

What would be a metamorphosis of a child’s room without changing the color of the wall? Exactly! This is a simple and quick way to change even the most ordinary interior and give it an interesting character. What color paint for the children’s room to choose? It depends on your child’s preferences! Remember that you do not have to follow the rule – blue for a boy, pink for a girl. Interior decorators are more and more willing to depart from the old patterns in favor of original solutions. When choosing a color for the baby’s room, it is worth betting on bright and subdued shades, which will optically enlarge any room with a relatively small area. Beige will pass the test perfectly, what is more – this way you will be able to play with wall decorations without any problems!

Wallpaper or photo wallpaper?

Parents of cute toddlers often wonder which solution is the best choice. Wallpaper or wall mural? We love both! However, recently we have noticed that wall murals have started to enjoy great popularity. They are tasteful and original, and when properly matched to the style of the room they give it an amazing depth and mystery. However, a wall mural is more suitable for slightly older children! In the room of a toddler it is worth to bet on unique children’s wallpapers with a heart motif. Bright wallpaper with an original pattern will make the room cozy.

If the above solutions are not an option, you can also consider buying wall stickers. You can find a lot of different solutions in wall decoration stores!

New life for old furniture

Do It Yourself is the perfect solution if you want to refresh your interior without having to change your old furniture. Just invest in professional acrylic paint for wood and metal or chalk paint for veneer furniture, which is safe for health. Although painting furniture is somewhat time-consuming, it will allow you to achieve an effect straight from an interior design magazine and enjoy a refreshed children’s room. Where to start? The first step is, of course, to prepare the room properly and disassemble all the furniture, so that painting it will not be too difficult for you. Each part should be well cleaned and degreased, which is of great importance for the final effect. When this stage is over, there is nothing left for you to do but to move on. Apply a thin layer of paint on the surface of the furniture and wait until it dries. If you want to go a little extravagant, you can also replace your old knobs and handles with new ones.

We hope that a bit of inspiration will come in handy soon.

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