How to ensure good ventilation in the apartment?
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How to ensure good ventilation in the apartment?

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Properly installed ventilation increases air quality and comfort in the home. It removes used air and replaces it with fresh air. Lack of ventilation in the building may contribute to the development of fungi and mold, and ultimately lead to a deterioration of well-being and health of household members.

Why is efficient ventilation important?

Ventilation allows you to get rid of viruses and bacteria from the premises, which lead to the development of diseases, infections, aggravation of allergies, as well as reduced well-being. It is common knowledge that fresh air has a positive effect on the performance of physical or mental work, as well as on healthy sleep, so it is worth taking care of the exchange of air in the apartment building.

Elements of the ventilation system

Properly constructed system is a guarantee of safety and comfort of use and service ventilation. The installation includes the following elements: ventilation pipes, air intake and outlet, air handling unit, anemostats and ventilation grilles. By mounting a recuperator in the system, you are able to reduce heating costs through heat recovery.

An anemostat is an important part of the ventilation system that regulates air flow. By stabilizing indoor conditions, it also prevents the spread of germs and bacteria. It is worth to think about its location in order to achieve proper air circulation. On the market there are available anemostats supply air, exhaust air, wall-mounted and supply/exhaust air. They can be made of plastic, metal or materials that protect the device from rust. Anemostat is an element that is mounted on the outlet of the ventilation supply – because of its visibility it is worth choosing a color that blends well with the rest of the equipment in the room.

Other important elements of mechanical ventilation include: air intake and exhaust. It is important their location and adaptation of the type of device to the ventilation system. You should know that the initial part of the installation is air intakewhich is responsible for air intake and protection of the ventilation duct inlet against rain and snow. The outlet, on the other hand, is the final component of the installation, which is responsible for removal of used and stale air. The units can be placed, for example, in installations on the facade of a building, by fireplaces or horizontally in relation to the roof or ground. Additionally, they can be divided into wall, vertical roof and horizontal types.

Cleaning the ventilation system

To ensure efficient operation of the ventilation system, it should be regularly cleaned and inspected. Systematic maintenance prolongs the life of the equipment and guarantees the safety of the inhabitants. The flue can be cleaned with a specialised powder for chemical cleaning or with accessories designed for mechanical cleaning. Both methods can be used in addition to each other for complete removal of contaminants. An effective preparation for tar and soot removal is hansa for chimney cleaning. The concentrate contains crystals that catalyze the wood combustion process. The substances and gases released at high temperatures remove tar and soot deposits

Maintenance and service work is necessary for the safe use of the chimney because a clogged flue may result in spontaneous combustion.

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