Terrace in a difficult location. Advantages and use of LED lighting
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Terrace in a difficult location. Advantages and use of LED lighting

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During the day full of flowers and sunshine and in the evening atmospherically lit, but above all with a delicious menu. In a moment restaurants will begin to arrange their gardens and terraces to host their customers in the fresh air. In such scenery, every meal tastes better. And what if the restaurant terrace borders a busy street? Relax! Such a place can also be arranged, you just need to light it well and protect it.

Difficult location

If the restaurant is located near a street, arranging a garden can be a bit complicated but not impossible! Good location and delicious cuisine will surely attract guests, especially in summer, when the weather favors outdoor meetings. That’s why you should think about arranging tables under a cloud. A wooden terrace, large pots full of flowers and decorative shrubs, light garlands building the mood in the evening, thanks to them you can create a place, where everyone will surely want to stop for something good.

restauracja przy ulicy
Photo by Achim Scholty from: Pixabay.com

Outdoor terrace design

Terraces made of exotic wood are very popular, mainly due to their extraordinary durability and aesthetic qualities. Their biggest advantage is their durability even without impregnation. This is in contrast to other terraces made of pine or spruce, where impregnation is a necessity. Decking boards made of exotic wood are characterized by a tight structure that emphasizes their natural beauty. In addition, they come in a variety of shades: from light yellows to mahogany browns, which certainly allows you to match the other decorative elements and create a cohesive arrangement

taras w restauracji
Photo by evening_tao from Freepik.com

Terrace from exoticwood will be very durable due to the high density of wood and resistance to biological destruction, in variable weather conditions that prevail in Poland. It will therefore be ideal as a finishing material for an outdoor garden in a restaurant, patio or other public facilities. It is also a good choice because of the heavy traffic that will take place on this surface. It is worth noting that exotic terrace boards heat up relatively slowly, so that on hot days, the wooden terrace of the restaurant, will not give off heat as in the case of paving stones or terrace slabs.

taras restauracji
Photo by lifeforstock from: Freepik.com

Easy to install

Installation of an exotic wood terrace is not complicated. Idea Garden offers complex terrace systems that allow for invisible installation of terrace boards made of 4 exotic wood species such as: Ipe Lapacho, Merbau, Padouck and Teak. These decking boards are characterized by a smooth surface without grooves and various lengths, which creates many installation possibilities. The board can be laid in a staggered pattern or in a brick pattern, which also minimizes waste. In addition, the Softline system, which consists of a board, a system of clips, screws and a joist, allows you to enjoy the beauty of wood without visible screws

Safety first

A durable and beautifully arranged terrace that will attract customers is one thing, but in order to make your guests feel comfortable, you need to ensure their safety. Taking into account the previously mentioned difficult location, a garden or a restaurant terrace located by a busy street should be well illuminated. In this case, LED warning lamp will be perfect. These types of lamps are used primarily to protect places of events, but can also be used to illuminate places with a specific location. Thanks to their durable housing and energy-efficient LEDs, they are willingly used by many entities. Equipped with a handle, the warning flares can be hung e.g. as a flashing warning light. These flares can be charged using 240V mains or car charger which makes this product even more universal. Such illuminated restaurant terrace will ensure the safety of guests and other road users.

taras w restauracji nocą
Photo from Pixabay.com
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