Canadian houses – what makes them special and is it worth building?
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Canadian houses – what makes them special and is it worth building?

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The solution, which is a Canadian house, despite quite a long presence on the market still arouses a lot of controversy. A large group of buyers strongly recommends this type of objects, but there are also those who are convinced that the wooden structure does not work at all in Polish conditions. What distinguishes Canadian houses and how are they built? Find out more on this subject.

What exactly is a Canadian house?

The Canadian house is based on a wooden skeleton, which is a frame for the whole building. This structure becomes a support for individual walls, which allows for extremely fast implementation of the project. It is worth noting that in case of Canadian house, the only wet stage of works is the one connected with making foundation slab, which is a support for the whole building. Other works are called dry. This determines the short time of execution, and makes that the construction can take place regardless of the season.

How are Canadian houses built?

Implementation of the Canadian house at the first stages of work is practically no different from the classic construction. First of all, it is necessary to obtain the relevant permits, and to connect utilities to the plot – if there were none before.

After making the foundation slab, embedding anchors in the slab takes place. It is on them that the whole construction is based. Then the remaining elements of the skeleton are mounted to the anchors – connections are made with the use of suitably matched nails and screws, which ensure stability. After setting the outline of the house the next step is to put the roof, which is to bind the whole structure together. Only then is it possible to start work on the interior.

All the necessary information about the various stages can be found, among others, at: When putting up a Canadian-style structure, it is also necessary to use a specialized team, which has the skills and experience

The biggest advantages of the Canadian house

The biggest advantage of Canadian houses is the short time of their construction. In addition, such structures are extremely easy to expand, while providing a high level of ergonomics. Although a large part of the population is skeptical about this solution, it can be noted that in recent years such structures are again returning to favor. Building such a house can be advantageous in terms of price – in relation to the constantly going up building materials necessary for brick buildings.

How does the insurance of Canadian house look like?

Insurance of a Canadian house is very similar to that of other buildings. However, it’s possible that the insurance company will classify the structure as particularly vulnerable to the risk of fire. Therefore, the policy may be slightly higher. However, it is worth using a simple tool, which is a home insurance calculator. Thanks to it you can easily and conveniently compare several offers and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Obtaining favorable policy conditions in the field of property insurance very often also involves the use of technologies during construction that guarantee high resistance to fire. This includes the use of

  • the right kind of wood,
  • proper insulation.

So it is worth thinking about the issue of insurance already at the stage of designing a Canadian house – then you can count on much more favorable conditions and considerable savings.

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