7 Decor ideas for your rental apartment
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7 Decor ideas for your rental apartment

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Being in a rental apartment should not stop you from making it feel like a home. Decorating a rental apartment could be tricky, as you can’t paint the walls as you please or rip the bathroom shelves, old cabinets, etc. Still, there is a way to cover up everything you don’t like about your apartment with some awesome decor ideas.

You don’t need to spend heavily to upgrade your apartment. The ideas listed below are budget-friendly, and they won’t dig a big hole in your pocket. While decorating your home with these ideas, you won’t have to worry about causing any damage to the property or something you would have to pay your landlord for alternating the apartment. 

7 Decor Ideas To Make Your Rental Apartment Beautiful

Peel and Stick Tiles

Not a big fan of already existing bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles? You can replace those tiles with something that matches your taste and aesthetic. Get peel and stick tiles. The best part about these stick-on tiles is that you can change them whenever you want, and your landowner won’t even question it. You get to upgrade your house without altering it. 

Smart Furniture

Since it’s a rental, you should invest in smart furniture that can double up as your storage and decor. If you have a studio apartment, you should buy tables with storage underneath that could be used to stock your magazines or a book. Floating shelves are great to display your decor pieces. You can use adhesive hooks to secure the shelves to the wall. 


Rugs have homely vibes to them. They add warmth and comfort to the space. Decorate your house with rugs that compliment your furniture. For instance, if you have a blue couch, a white rug would give a classy, clean look. On the other hand, a bright-colored rug would add more character to the space. You can play around with rugs to change the aesthetics as you please. 

Add Plants

Plants can drastically change your apartment look. The best part is you can change their position as you please. You can put a huge plant in your living room (even a fake plant if you are not good at keeping them alive) or hang them on windows or shelves. 

Contact Paper 

If you have an open kitchen, how your kitchen looks could be a matter of concern for you. You can renew the kitchen by simply putting contact paper on cabins and countertops. Changing faucets and knobs can help to elevate the look as well. 

Change the lights

Add a dramatic chandelier or hanging lamps to change the mood of the house. Lights are the way to go, especially when your apartment is more on a shadowy side. 

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors give the illusion of a bigger place. They open up the congested space. They are cheap and a good way to decorate the rental spaces. Moreover, they reflect the lightning, making the place brighter and more pleasing. 

Photo: Patrick Perkins/unsplash.com

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