Bathroom for seniors – what should it be equipped with?
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Bathroom for seniors – what should it be equipped with?

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A bathroom should be a comfortable and convenient place – after all, it is one of the most important interiors in any home. This is especially important in case of bathrooms for the elderly, where special attention should be paid to functionality and safety. We suggest what a bathroom for the elderly should be equipped with.

The bathroom is usually associated with a place that is both functional and cozy. It is especially important to make such a bathroom for an elderly person. We suggest what should be included in the bathroom to make it safe and comfortable for the senior.

What amenities will be useful in the bathroom for seniors?

Above all, a bathroom that is designed to accommodate a senior should include specific amenities that will make the bathroom safer and more comfortable for daily use. So, if you do not want to decide on a complete renovation of the bathroom for various reasons, you just need to install the appropriate amenities in it

Bathroom equipment for seniors should be enriched primarily with various types of handles that will help in safe use of the interior. It is worth placing them, among others, at the bathtub and shower, at the sink, and also at the toilet. Thanks to them, an elderly person will be able to get up and sit down comfortably, or simply support themselves on such a handle. Also make sure that the toilet paper holder is at a convenient distance from the toilet. You should also invest in special seats for showers and baths. Toilet chairs and stools are also a great help for much older people who need care

Bathtub or shower – what to choose?

Without a doubt, the biggest dilemma, especially when decorating a bathroom for a senior, is the choice between a bathtub and a shower. Both these solutions have their pros and cons, so what to choose in the case of an interior that should be adapted to the needs of the elderly? Certainly, the most convenient solution will be shower enclosures with a low shower tray, and preferably walk-in models, which do not have a shower tray at all. This makes getting into and out of the shower much easier and more comfortable, and above all safer. In addition, the walk-in cabins can also be used without any problems by people who are moving around in a wheelchair, which is certainly a great convenience.

Bathtubs with a special seat and additional handrails ensuring safety and comfort of use are another solution that will prove useful for people who cannot imagine their bathroom without the possibility of a longer bath.

How to choose a washbasin and a bowl for the bathroom for seniors?

In case of a bathroom for the elderly, it is also necessary to carefully consider the question of a washbasin and a toilet bowl. When choosing and installing the wash basin, make sure that it provides enough space to move freely, even in a wheelchair. The height of the wash basin should be chosen according to the senior’s mobility and should not be too high. For the bowl, on the other hand, it should be the opposite – it should not be too low, so that getting up and sitting down does not cause the senior a problem.

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