What security features are worth installing in the office?
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What security features are worth installing in the office?

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We cannot imagine a house without an efficient anti-burglary system and other types of security devices. But will similar security solutions also work in the office? We suggest which security measures are worth installing in the workplace.

Motion detectors, burglar alarms and other security systems are very useful not only in houses and apartments, but also in offices. Find out what technological solutions to choose to secure your workplace

Alarm and monitoring

Regardless of whether your office is small or located in a huge office building, it should have an alarm system and monitoring. It is an absolute must when it comes to office security. This is because an alarm will warn of any attempt to enter the building or its specific rooms. Moreover, a visible alarm system in a company may discourage a potential burglar. It’s also worth taking care of efficient monitoring, as it will allow for recording images in case of intrusion or property damage. This will make it much easier to find the perpetrator. However, it is worth to use both forms at the same time, because they complement each other.

Motion detector

Additional protection ideal for office, which will significantly support traditional alarm system and monitoring, is motion sensor, for example such as PIR detector. Thanks to this device any movement and activity within a certain range will be detected. Such a solution is based on technologies such as ultrasound, infrared waves or microwaves

You can place such a sensor on the wall or ceiling of the office, preferably near the entrance and important places inside. Then the sensor will automatically turn on the lights as soon as someone appears at the door. In addition, you can integrate your sensor with an alarm system – when the system is activated, as soon as the sensor detects movement in the area, the alarm will be triggered.

And how does such a PIR sensor work specifically? It reacts to radiation in the far infrared band and simultaneously detects changes in thermal radiation. So this means that human entry into a specific sensor area will be detected and registered as a change in thermal radiation

Electronic door locks

As an additional protection against burglary, it is also worth installing specialized electronic door locks. It is not the cheapest solution, but guarantees maximum security. Such electronic lock is very difficult to open from the outside. It is also a great solution for offices, where the doors are opened very often.

Smoke detector

The office should be secured not only against theft and burglary, but also against other unpleasant incidents such as fire in the building. With such a device, even the smallest smoke will be detected immediately and the fire alarm will sound. This will enable rapid evacuation and prevent the fire from spreading. Remember also that one of the first signs of a fire is not only smoke, but also a rapid rise in temperature in the room, so it is worth choosing a sensor that will detect this as well.

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