How to keep hotel rooms clean?
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How to keep hotel rooms clean?

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The proper state of cleanliness and freshness of hotel rooms is one of the more fundamental issues that affect the guest experience. You should take care of the proper condition of the rooms, because it can increase the rating of the hotel. But how to take care of their cleanliness and what to pay attention to?

Basic rules

Hotels should follow cleaning and disinfection procedures. It is important to choose the right cleaning agents. It is best to use professional products that are designed for specific applications. The right hotel chemicals will allow you to cope with even the toughest stains and will take care of the cleaned surfaces. What is important, professional preparations are very efficient, which in turn translates into saving time and money.

Hotel cleanliness should be maintained at the highest possible level and meet a number of standards. Different hotel premises will require different preparations and a different approach to cleaning. The right cosmetics for hotels will allow you to take care of order and tidiness, which is very important here.

Keeping washable surfaces clean

Floors, furniture, glass surfaces and other waterproof materials should be the primary places to take care of cleanliness. When it comes to choosing the best cleaner for these surfaces, it’s important that it doesn’t leave streaks, that it evaporates quickly, and that it leaves a non-irritating scent that is as pleasant as possible.

Hotels have to deal with surfaces made of different materials. Floors can be tiled, wooden or laminated, for example. It is advisable to choose a cleaner that can cope with all types of surfaces.

Cleaning the bathroom

This is the place that is most exposed to dirt. Due to high humidity, cosmetics residues, limescale or soap deposits, you should pay special attention to cleaning the bathroom. In addition to thoroughly washing every hotel bathroom, you should also take care of its thorough disinfection.

Fresh fragrance

After a thorough cleaning, it is a good idea to make sure that each room is properly scented. Products for cleaning and disinfection have a specific smell, which should be eliminated by using air fresheners. This is important primarily because upon entering a hotel room, the customer’s first impression is based on the sense of smell. Therefore, it is very important to use appropriate air fresheners that will increase the feeling of cleanliness in hotel rooms and bathrooms.


Every hotel room should have a waste garbage can. It is important that it is not only functional, but also matches the interior design. It is also worth paying attention to the base of the basket. It would be good if it was made of non-slip material. This will ensure the stability of the basket and prevent it from toppling over. The basket in a hotel room should be open.

The hamper should also be in every bathroom. This one, however, should be adapted for that room. Bathroom baskets should be lockable and of an appropriate size. A non-slip base is also important here.

Keeping a hotel as clean as possible is extremely important because different people visit it every day. For most guests cleanliness is crucial, so it is worth taking care of professional cleaning products, which are often used by cleaning companies. Perfect cleanliness in every room will certainly have a positive impact on the comfort when visiting the hotel and on the well-being of guests.


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