Materials used in modern construction
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Materials used in modern construction

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The development of technology has also come to the construction industry. Therefore, many new materials have appeared on the market, with the help of which buildings are constructed. Find out what materials are used in modern construction

Twin-Wall Sheets

Chamber panels of polycarbonate are recently one of the most popular materials used in construction. They are characterized by excellent light transmission, light weight and high rigidity. What is their function and application? They are used to build various types of glazing – both vertical and horizontal. You can find them in industrial, sports, public and private buildings. They are perfect for building suspended ceilings, verandas, balconies and winter gardens, canopies for shelters, bus stops and passages and partition walls. Their main task is to illuminate objects while maintaining high thermal insulation parameters, depending on panel thickness. They are extremely resistant to weather conditions and various types of impact. In addition, they are easy to process. High quality polycarbonate chamber panels can be found at


Perlite is a material of volcanic origin. It is a mineral that is commonly called solidified lava. When properly processed, it is great for use as a component of mortar or screed. Additionally, it is used to create lightweight building materials such as tiles, panels, pipe insulation, etc. Its big advantage is that it has high acoustic and fire insulation properties. It is also excellent as a material in horticulture and animal husbandry or in the petroleum industry.


PCM, or Phase Change Materials, are phase change materials used to improve thermal conditions in buildings. They are most often used as an additive to plaster. Their main task is to absorb excess heat in order to give it back when the temperature drops. So they are perfect for late summer and early autumn, when days are warm and nights are relatively cool. These materials are also a great enhancement to classic masonry or other structural elements if you’re concerned about the energy-efficient nature of your building

Concrete blocks in foundations

A modern approach to construction is also the use of concrete blocks. This significantly speeds up the process of creating foundations for a new building. They provide a durable structure and at the same time do not require formwork. As a result, you do not have to wait for the concrete to set, which significantly speeds up the construction process – so it allows you to efficiently place all the necessary installations and save money and time.

Vacuum panels

Vacuum insulation panels, or VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel), is a material that has high thermal insulation properties. These panels are often used in modern construction to reduce heat loss and energy expenditure. Their additional application is acoustic insulation. Thanks to their construction, they also make it possible to significantly reduce the thickness of building walls.

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