How to Choose a Building Lot for Your New House
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How to Choose a Building Lot for Your New House

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Finally, decided to erect your dream home? Great! However, before you proceed with everything, you need to make a critical decision, that is, choosing the right lot for your building. Several things can impact the features and design of your home and, thus, the quality of life you lead therein. You need to act super considerate when it comes to purchasing land for your house, as once you get it in your hands, there is nothing you do. 

To help you choose the appropriate lot, we shall walk you through some helpful tips. So, you can finally see the home which you have been creating in your head. 

Worthwhile tips for choosing a right building lot

Choosing a lot is definitely not easy, but you will gradually gain the knowledge, experience, and hopefully, some fun! Look at the following things when looking for a building lot:

  1. Neighborhood features

Man is a social being. Therefore, consider the neighbourhood as well while choosing a lot. Notice the condition of other houses in the area, are they fresh or in a run-down state, are neighbourhoods appreciative, etc.? You would definitely not prefer to build a magnificent bungalow in a locality where people mostly live in shanties. 

  1. Lot’s slope & shape

How efficiently the water in your place drains off is affected by the slope of a lot. Slope not only impacts the house design but also invites issues with foundation & footing, driveways, and walkways, septic tanks, and well, etc.  

  1. Nearness to schools, recreation, shopping area, work

Make sure the lot has school, recreation places, eateries, workplaces, shopping areas, etc., in its vicinity. They should be available within a comfortable distance to ensure convenience for you. Neither should they be too close to the lot, as it will bring in noise and will experience high traffic. Nor should it be too far that it becomes hassling to reach the school and office in time. 

  1. Amenities available in the area

Check whether the lot has access to sewer and gas, high-speed internet, underground utilities, municipally supplied water, cable TV, and so forth. These amenities are a must in today’s times, so check their availability in the area. 

  1. Know the restrictions

Apart from zoning rules, specific areas feature restrictive covenants which dictate rubrics on how your home should be designed and the type of activities you can and cannot arrange on your property. The type of home you want to build can be influenced by local restrictions and building codes. So, become aware of these elements before you buy a lot. 

  1. Soil type and trees

Why check soil type? Well, certain soils are susceptible to movement and expansions that can weaken the structure of your home. You can get an engineer to test the soil. Trees are great, but they shouldn’t be present within the building area as their removal requires extra cost, may block views, as well as increase the risks of fire in the building. 

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