Advertisement for the sale of a house or apartment – how to write it?

Writing an ad for the sale of a house or apartment without prior preparation can significantly reduce the chances of finding a buyer. Therefore, it is worth learning how to write them to increase the number of people interested in buying a property. We present the most important information!

Basic information at the very beginning

If you include basic information in the introduction of your ad, the reader is sure to appreciate that you are not wasting his time and will treat you as a serious seller. The abstract should consist of three parts.

Key data about the property

This section should include simple data or facts about the house and apartment: street address, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, and asking price. 

Attractive photos of the house or apartment

Whether you decide to place an ad in a newspaper or on an online portal, you should pay special attention to including visually appealing photographs that present the property in the best possible, reliable way.

If you want to create an exceptionally attractive listing, consider using the services of a professional photographer. Professionals also provide access to services such as drone photography and virtual tours. 

Construction of the property description

After reading the details and seeing the photos, the viewer will likely already know whether the offer matches his requirements and whether he wants more detailed information. At this stage, there should be a section with in-depth data about the property.

The description should meet three criteria: attract attention, indicate the value of the property, and highlight the special features of the house or apartment. For example, it could be a unique architectural style or an attractive location of the property. The whole thing should end with a call to action. Address the reader directly and encourage him or her to get in touch by email or phone.

Use the right words to advertise the property

If you want to better put into words the characteristics of a particular room or the view from the window, dispense with statements such as “nice,” “cool” or “good.” Try to empathize with the reader and present the benefits of living in the offered house or apartment in the first place. We’ll use an example to better explain this to you.

Instead of: “the house also has a large garden with the possibility of growing vegetables”, you can define it this way: ” the green garden is full of sunshine and is great for growing vegetables and fruits, as well as for playing with children or reading your favorite book”. This will give the reader the impression that you yourself have had a nice time in this space and it evokes positive emotions in you. In the same way, try to specify the rooms in the house as well.

Watch out for mistakes in writing your ad

The basic issue is grammatical and spelling correctness. Before sharing your ad, verify that there are no glaring errors in it. Even a reliable listing with such blemishes can discourage a buyer.

Also be careful not to over-advertise the property. If the trees that grow on the plot obstruct the view from the attic windows, don’t write in the ad that future residents of the house or property will be able to enjoy the eye with an amazing panorama. An ad for the sale of a property should contain truthful information.

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