A house on a sloping plot. Is it worthwhile to build in such a place?

Building a house is a serious decision and a big investment. Is it worth it to build on a sloping plot?

Building a house is a decision that should be carefully analyzed. It is connected with a huge expense, and one oversight is enough to later, instead of enjoying your new property, struggle with difficulties related to, for example, lack of functionality or failure. Some people say that building a house is a bottomless pit when it comes to expenses, and there is probably something in it. Therefore, you should plan everything carefully. 

The key issue when it comes to construction is the plot of land on which the property will be built. Land in attractive locations, just outside the city or by the woods, is a huge cost. It happens that the plot is sloping – is construction then possible?

Sloping plot – a difficult place for construction

A sloping plot is considered to be quite problematic when it comes to building a house. However, some investors think that such terrain is a challenge, and the end result can be surprisingly good and different from all typical projects. However, you have to be prepared that on such a plot you won’t be able to build every property you dream of. That is why when choosing a project you have to take into account the angle of inclination. If the slope is not great, then with today’s construction possibilities the problem is really small. 

But what if the angle of inclination is quite large? Then the most common trick is to build houses, in which in the lower part there are walls without windows. On the other hand, quite big windows are put above them to make the whole house look interesting and not gloomy. 

It is worth to think about the basement

Usually in projects of houses on sloping land there is a basement. In this case you have to reckon with the fact that you will have to do groundwater level research. This translates into additional costs. It is even estimated that the cost of construction will be in this case by 30% higher. On the plus side, the usable area of the property can be easily enlarged and the basement can always be used as a garage or a utility room, e.g. a summer kitchen.

In the case of uneven terrain, foundations are important. They have to be stronger and adjusted to such conditions, and this also translates into an increased investment cost.

Use the potential of uneven terrain

Homes on hills have excellent predisposition to install photovoltaic installations, which in the future will translate into much lower bills. If the plot is sloping towards the south, it is a great idea to make a large terrace with a relaxation area on this side.

Designers also encourage the insertion of panoramic windows in such houses. It may not be the cheapest solution, but the effect is stunning.

To sum up, is it worth it to build on a sloping plot? For sure it gives a chance to have an unusual house in quite interesting surroundings and with original solutions. However, you have to reckon with the fact that the cost of construction may be even several dozen percent higher than in case of building on flat land.

main photo: unsplash.com/Tim Umphreys

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