What to combine stone with on a facade?

Facade stone can be an effective finishing of a building. Its use is more and more popular also in modern projects. See what is the best combination of stone on elevation.

Plaster and stone – many possibilities

Combination of plaster and stone on elevation is a solution used both in more traditional and modern projects of residential buildings. To many types of plaster we will be able to choose aesthetically matching stone.

Structural plaster

A perfect combination with stone can be created by structural plaster, the texture of which is also not uniform and will blend well with the stone structure. The color matching of materials will also not be a problem – we can choose stone of non-uniform color, as well as monolithic

Mosaic plaster

This type of plaster will perfectly compose with granite – they share a similar structure, and with appropriately selected colors, the facade of the house with this combination can look great.

Pigment plaster

The property of this type of plaster is the ability to imitate the stone structure. The lambskin plaster can be successfully arranged on sandstone, for example. It will then create an ideal combination with stone in both light and darker colors, creating a contrast.

Clinker tiles and bricks plus stone

Clinker tiles and bricks can perfectly harmonize with stone. In this case, we have great possibilities as far as the color palette is concerned – these materials are available in various colors. We can combine clinker façade tiles with practically any kind of stone and, what is important, use them at any time of construction or renovation. It is different in case of clinker bricks – their application must be planned already at the construction stage because it requires appropriate foundations.

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