Choosing paint for the room. Guidebook from A to Z
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Choosing paint for the room. Guidebook from A to Z

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As a professional, you are well aware that paint should be selected first and foremost with the conditions of the room in mind. This way, the walls will be resistant to a number of factors and they will stay looking impeccable for a longer time – just like right after painting. Make sure that you already know everything about the properties of paints and how to match them to the specifics of the interior.

What paint will be best for the living room and bedroom?

It is crucial to know the investor’s needs. A detailed interview is the basis of successful cooperation. Ask the customer directly, what effect they want to achieve. In addition, verify whether they are raising small children and whether there are pets at home. Thanks to that you will recommend optimal solution. If the interior is used by children, you should use paints that are resistant to scrubbing – such that stains and dirt can be removed without worrying about damaging the coating. Besides, an important issue is the efficiency of the product. By using a high-performance paint, the customer will be able to reduce expenses related to renovation or finishing works. An example of a wall paint that meets the above criteria is Dulux Professional Classic 9. Class 2 resistance to scrubbing according to PN-EN 13300:2002 means that stains can be removed without the risk of damage to the coating. However, if the investor expects even higher resistance to dirt or scrubbing, use one of the paints from the Rezisto family.

What paint is best for the kitchen?

Of course, the kitchen requires special products. This is because of the conditions in this room. Grease and cooking fumes, plus the risk of stains – decorative paints for the living room or bedroom won’t work here. Look for products resistant to scrubbing and washing with detergents, and also stain-resistant. The ability to clean the surface and remove dirt means that the walls will maintain a fresh look for a long time.

What product for the kitchen is worth recommending to customers? Dulux Professional Rezisto 1 is highly resistant to greasy stains, to scrubbing (Class 1 resistance to scrubbing) and to washing with water and detergents thanks to Stain Shield Technology. Removing dirt from a wall painted with this paint is child’s play. It is necessary to collect them with a paper towel and then gently wash with a squeezed out sponge.

What paint is best for the bathroom?

The same rules apply here as for the walls in the kitchen. Painting the bathroom with standard products is an idea that should definitely be discouraged for investors. Decorative paints intended for the living room can not cope with humidity and water vapor. As a result, customers will have to plan another renovation shortly after painting.

If you are looking for a paint for rooms where there is increased humidity, use Dulux Professional Rezisto 5. It is resistant to moisture and is distinguished by extreme resistance to greasy dirt and scrubbing, even with water containing detergents. It is ideal as a paint for the bathroom. But not only! You can successfully use it in the living room or bedroom.

Which paint is best for the hallway?

You know very well that the hallway is another area of your house or apartment that requires individual approach. The surfaces are exposed, first of all, to dirt from mud, greasy handprints and, above all, black marks formed from rubber, plastic or metal elements. It is enough to lean a bicycle or scooter handle, a chair or a suitcase against the wall – abrasions appear very quickly. Therefore, for painting you should use a product creating coatings with the highest possible resistance to this kind of stains. Try Dulux Professional Rezisto 9 Mark Blocker paint – it is highly resistant not only to “standard” stains, but also to the aforementioned characteristic marks.

The first stage of interior work is to choose the right products – those that respond to the needs of the room. Take into account the factors that affect the walls and recommend paints that will make the interior look like freshly painted.

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