Telescopic loft ladders. When will they work?

You may be familiar with that scene from the movies, when suddenly a ladder-like staircase is extended from the ceiling? Here’s a telescopic loft ladder – a convenient solution when you don’t have much space to install a loft ladder but still want to use it freely

The positives in a small size

A folding attic staircase is a great solution if you’re looking for a way to install a staircase that won’t take up much space. Another definite positive is that… you can order telescopic stairs ready to go! How do they work? You slide them out of the ceiling when you need to use them, and then they fold into the ceiling frame. This is a really great solution if you’re primarily concerned with free space that you can manage your way. Another significant positive is that telescopic stairs are really easy to install. When you choose a model, pay attention to whether the manufacturer includes the necessary components for assembly. Usually the answer is – yes! The assembly itself, moreover, will not be something beyond your capabilities. This is a definite advantage over other types of stairs.

Telescopic stairs – for whom?

If you don’t have the possibility to build stationary stairs, but you need extra space to store things and you don’t want your attic to remain unused – telescopic stairs are the solution for you. It’s a shame to waste so much space, right? Not every attic can be used for living space, but there’s nothing stopping you from storing Christmas tree ornaments, winter clothes or family heirlooms there – all the things you’re always running out of room for at home. As we mentioned, it’s so easy to put together and it opens up so many possibilities for you! So if you are tired of empty space in your attic and would like to use it in a practical way, decide on telescopic stairs and enjoy additional storage space.

The biggest downside

No one disputes the fact that telescopic attic stairs are one of the most convenient solutions in construction. They take up a minimum of space, you only use them when you need them, and their installation is child’s play. Unfortunately, telescopic stairs do not work for everyone. If you or someone in your household is afraid of heights – you will probably have to accept the fact that you won’t be able to install folding stairs in your house. Of course you could do it, but it would be extremely inconvenient. Similarly, if you have a mobility impairment, it will be extremely difficult if not impossible for you to climb ladder-like stairs. So, it can be clearly said that telescopic stairs, although they take up little space, lose out on comfort in this way

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